Car & Truck Care

Car & Truck Care | Krage’s Mobil Servicenter


Like you, your vehicle needs a regular check-up in order to stay in good condition. If you keep your car or truck in a good state of repair through regular maintenance and regular check-ups you will find that it runs easier, and you are going to have less problems, both in the short term and the long term.

Your vehicle is a big investment, and it makes sense to protect that investment by taking great care of it. When you put your vehicle in our hands you know that you are working with experts who have a lot of experience keeping vehicles running optimally. Taking a proactive stance on anything is better than waiting around for something bad to happen.

It is better to have the kind of relationship with your mechanic where they are able to not only fix things that go wrong, but prevent them if possible, just because they are regularly working with your vehicle, and know it well. At Krage’s Mobil Supercenter we foster this kind of relationship, and it is one of the reasons our customers are so happy, and why they keep bringing their vehicles back in for us to work on them.

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