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auto-electronics-service-repair-krages-addison-illinoisAs car engines become more and more reliant on computers to run and manage different aspects of how they run, it becomes increasingly vital to have a trained mechanic that is able to work on your car, one certified to work with whatever system your car uses.

Our electronic services include:

 In order to be able to make sure that your car’s onboard computer is running correctly you need someone trained and certified to look at it. Problems with the computer can cause the car to have issues when running, and in some cases can stop it dead. At Krage’s we can fix this for you.

 Our mechanics are trained to work with your on-board computers and the diagnostic software provided by manufacturers, so we can troubleshoot what is happening with your vehicle. Drivability
 Your car is going to tell you when you have an issue with drivability, but to get more detailed information that facilitates getting it fixed, and then to carry out the repairs, you are going to need a professional mechanic. Call Krage’s Mobil Servicenter today!
Engine Controls

 While the onboard computer in your car monitors a lot of different things, it also needs to be checked over itself. You want to make sure that the piece of equipment that controls your engine is working optimally, and we can do that for you.

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