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Engine Maintenance | Krage’s Mobil Servicenter

engine-maintenance-krages-service-center-addison-illinoisIf you look after things they last longer – this is something that you have probably observed with other things in your life, and nothing could be truer of your engine. Look after your engine and it will last longer and you will have less problems with it. A lot of people leave until their car stops going or breaks down before they get their engine looked at, but you can get the jump on a lot of problems before they happen if you have a good mechanic regularly monitoring and maintaining the health of your vehicle.

These are the engine maintenance services we offer:

Fuel Injection

A fuel injection system controls the injection of fuel into a combustion engine, and if it clogs or becomes inefficient, it can seriously cut the performance of your vehicle.

With regular maintenance this need not happen. But whether you engage our services before or after the fact, we know that we can help you with any issues regarding fuel injection.


If you are having problems with your ignition it is going to be very hard to get around – there can be a number of interdependent parts that aren’t working correctly when it comes to ignition problems, and a skilled mechanic, like those we employ at Krage’s is going to be able to identify it quickly, and handle the issue for you.

Spark Plugs

One part of the whole system that allows your ignition to work are the spark plugs. Over time spark plugs can fail, or the contacts can become dirty, and they either need to be cleaned or replaced. We are able to check and replace them easily for you as part of your regular service, or as a remedy for problems you are experiencing in starting your vehicle.

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