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auto-air-conditioning-heating-service-krages-addison-illinoisHaving an AC in your car that runs well is essential – especially if you live in a place where you experience extremes of weather, whether that be extreme cold or extreme heat. Whatever the situation, you want to be able to drive in comfort.

A lot of people suffer from similar issues with their AC inluding moisture, pungent odors, a low refrigeration level, a soiled condenser, or other kinds of mechanical complications.

The AC system generally gets a lot of use, and is therefore subject to wear and tear. Having someone that is an expert who is able to diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle is invaluable, and at Krage’s we understand you need to get it working and get back on the road as soon as possible.

Why maintaining your AC System is very important:

As with any other part, you need regular maintenance to ensure that it keeps functioning. With a system that gets so much use, the AC is going to be subject to more wear and tear, and is therefore going to need more care.

A comprehensive evaluation of heating and A/C system includes:

We carry out extensive checks on your unit, including the switches, the coolant, the compressor belt. We may flush the AC unit and replace the oil. Whatever it is that needs doing, we have extensive experience of working with ACs, and we will get your unit functioning properly, so that you can enjoy the full benefits of hot and cold air, as you need them.

Our repair and maintenance services include:

Air Conditioning
Too hot? Too cold? Or suffering from an unpredictable micro-climate in your car? At Krage’s we know how to identify the problem for you and get it fixed.

Get an expert from Krage’s to replace your belt. It is, like many components, a vital piece of your engine. Your fan belt makes the water pump and the engine fan run, which ensures that your engine doesn’t overheat. If you have ever seen anyone by the side of the highway with steam pouring out of their engine you know that they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Don’t want your engine to overheat? Then you need to make sure that the radiator is functioning properly. There are things that you can add to the water in your radiator that act as a temporary sealant to alleviate any problems with leakage, but for a more permanent fix you should consult with one of our mechanics.

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