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miscellaneous-auto-service-krages-addison-illinoisWe offer a lot of different services to our customers, and this includes all of the standard things you would think of, as well as a whole host of other services.

Our miscellaneous auto services include:

Most Extended Warranties Accepted
Some mechanics and auto-repair shops don’t accept extended warranties, but the great news is that we do take most extended warranties, and should be able to work with you to get your car up and running.

After-Hours Drop Off
In order to make things more convenient for you, because we know cars don’t always break down at the most convenient of times, we have after hours drop off available. If you leave your vehicle at the mechanics shop and leave your keys in a drop box with a drop box form, we will work on your car and contact you when it is ready.

Free Local Pickup and Delivery with Repairs By Appointment
To make the whole process less painful for you, we arrange free local pickup and local drop off, so you experience minimal inconvenience when your car is out of business.

Free Local Shuttle Service with Repairs By Appointment
Once you have dropped off your vehicle we understand that sometimes you don’t have time to wait around for the work to be finished, so by appointment we are able to provide you with a free local shuttle service to get you rolling with your day again.

RV Repair
Are you having issues with your recreational vehicle? This is not something that every autorepair facility is going to be able to handle, but here at Krage’s Mobil Servicenter we have a lot of experience helping people to get their RVs running as they should..

Trailer Hitches, Wiring and Tires
We want to make sure that you are as safe on the road as possible, so we also offer trailer repairs.

On-Site Welding
If you have any need of welding, which we know some of our customers do – we also provide this service as well. Call 630-279-5626 to find out more.

Fuel Efficiency
We can help you to make sure vehicle as fuel efficient as it should be. Our team can analyse your vehicle for performance, fuel efficiency, and economy, and offer you the solutions you need.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Take no chances on that car you want to buy – have us come out and make sure that the vehicle you are buying is sound.

Pre-Trip Inspection
Going on a long journey? Want to make sure your vehicle has everything working as it should be? We can help you with that.

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