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tires-krages-mobil-service-center-addison-illinoisIf you need new tires, Krage’s Mobil Service Center has a number of different high quality ones for you to choose from. We carry a number of different exceptional brands, but we prefer to ensure that our customers use the best quality brands available. Our technicians have their favorite brands and based on experience with different manufacturers.  We have combined different experiences and opinions of certain brands with the feedback from our customers to determine what tires work best and last longest for them as well. These are all different ways that we can determine which tire manufacturer has the best quality and which ones will last longest for our customers.

We would suggest that one of the biggest brands that you should consider is Cooper Tires’ new Discoverer A/T3 or the new all-season performance tire Zeon RS3-A. These are some of the best that we have tested and used with our customers to be able to sufficiently determine that they are greatly efficient and durable.

We offer most major brands, these are a few that we prefer to use, and the ones that we would recommend that most of our clients use to make their vehicles more safe and cost effective.

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